How it Works Disinfect & Protect 

How it works, first to combat virus or pathogen you must first clean the surface with a disinfectant. Disinfectant only are effective when they are wet. After disinfecting you should apply a long lasting protectant such as an antimicrobial that will protect 90 days and beyond.  Applying an antimicrobial allows your staff and team to provide a lighter wipe down of water or disinfectant because it is on the clock 24/7.

Our Antimicrobial is a unique non-migrating antimicrobial technology that works 24/7 to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi, algae, yeasts, and viruses. This is effective on a wide variety of treated articles and substrates. The antimicrobial activity is registered under the EPA (64881-7).

Our antimicrobial coating. The active ingredient in the Covershield/antimicrobial is registered with the U.S. EPA (64881-7) and is the antimicrobial engine that powers the Covershield program. Given the current global pandemic, Covershield, the antimicrobial is the absolute best antimicrobial surface protection solution for all possible uses such as, but not limited to: the consumer trade, daycare centers, schools and universities, commercial applications, sports facilities, and medical applications.