Welcome to the Summit Family

Madonna Long – CEO-Founder.Madonna Long, woman in a power wheelchair crossing her legs with a skirt on and high heels

Few people get to see their nation’s capital as often as Madonna Long has. Since 2007 Madonna has been a constant advocate for people who have spinal cord injuries, helping progress policy for complex rehab technology, urological supplies, and civil rights for people who are disabled such as herself.

She has spent many years working for others, and this was the main reason for starting Summit Services & Supplies to help her community ensure they get the best services and supplies because she is a user of Urological supplies for over 40 years.  Her passion is healthcare and being your advocate and supplier.  Today Madonna works with the Coalition for Bladder Cancer Awareness with her colleagues and fellow users.


Tanner Long 

Tanner Long – Regional Manager

Tanner studied business at the University of Wyoming. He is a graduate of 2018 from Battle Mountain High School in Battle Mountain NV.  He is the son of CEO-Founder Madonna Long.

He loves hiking and working with people.  One of the reasons its a family company is because growing up with a mother who is a paraplegic gave all of Madonna’s four children experience in working with professionals, and people who have disabilities.  Tanner traveled with his mom for years working on capitol hill with leaders since he was in kindergarten. Tanner works with our physicians, clinicians, and facilities.



Julie Long 

Julie Long – Vice President

Julie is the daughter of CEO-Founder of Summit Services & Supplies.  Julie is a true adventurer. She loves skiing, hiking, and traveling the world.  She has been a Hospice Caregiver for 4 years taking care of her patients.

Julie works with our entire team to keep them up to date on new services, billing, and customer services.






Josh Long – Government Affairs & Technical Support

Josh is Madonna’s second-oldest son.

He is proficient in computer science and CMS Guidelines. He adds support to our team throughout the country on guidelines.