Bio-Static Surface Protection
Microbial Suppression Technology

What is Covershield? It is not a disinfectant. It is a long-lasting antimicrobial Shield. Prevents mold, mildew and harmful odor-causing bacteria,
protects against pathogens.

What is in it? Covershield products do NOT contain any heavy metals. Tin, arsenic, silver, and copper are often used in other antimicrobials. The active ingredient in Covershield is 3-(trimethoxysilyl) propyl octadecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride.

Why the need for alternative strategies?
  • The efficacy of standard cleaning chemicals is short-lived – chemicals therefore require frequent use
  • Microbes rapidly adapt, evolve and multiply
  • Repeat usage of conventional chemicals at sub-lethal dosages or ineffective reach may lead to greater the risk of bacterial mutation
  • Bacterial counts can return to previous levels within 4 to 6 hours after cleaning and disinfection
CoverShield AntiMicrobial
  • Is one of a very few commercially available alternatives to chemical-based microbiological cleaning
  • Is safe for humans and animals and highly effective
  • Avoids “superbug” mutation as there is no chemical interaction with microbes
  • Lasts for 60+ days; chemical alternatives last 20 minutes
  • Can be used virtually anywhere, on any surface
  • Does not involve leaching technology or heavy metals
  • Is EPA registered (64881-7)
How does it work?
  • Forms a bonding biostatic layer on treated surfaces
  • Through self- assembled layers (see Fig 2) forms an almost permanent bond with the surface
  • This results in a dense field of carbon shafts projecting from the surface
  • Bacterial cells are drawn to the positively charged nitrogen ends of the shafts (Fig 3)
  • A positive charge on the nitrogen end interacts with the net negative charge on the bacterial cell


• Reduces risk and cost by preventing microbial growth on surfaces over extended periods
• By treating surfaces of all types, personnel benefit from reduced exposure to harmful microorganisms, with reduced staff absenteeism through illness
• Reduced person-to-person transfer
• Reduced environment-to-person transfer
• Reduced risk of product contamination, product recall or litigation
• Widely applicable: Hi-touch points (e.g. door handles, desks, visitor seats, AC ducting, carpets, food preparation areas) Surfaces not cleaned regularly and effectively are potential reservoirs for health-damaging bacteria

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